Learn To Lift Weights...

For Teens

If your teenage son or daughter wants to learn to lift weights, it's important that they learn to do it the right way.​

Help Them Avoid...

Painful Injury

Feeling Self-Conscious


Help Them Gain...


High Performance


Here's What Learn To Lift Gives You

We’ll show your child how to perform each exercise with perfect form. Perfect form delivers results faster and greatly minuses the risk of injury.

Learn which exercises give you the most benefit. You don’t need to do dozens of exercises. You can see results with just 6 exercises. We show you which 6.

Teens believe themselves to be invincible and can push themselves too hard. We teach your teen how to safely progress in their weight training.

We provide your teen with sample workout routines based on their body type, activity levels, and goals to make their workouts more efficient.

We show you what to look for when buying weight lifting equipment so you spend your dollars wisely. You’ll know which equipment is essential, what’s nice to have and what you can avoid altogether, saving you hundreds of dollars along the way.

What Drove Me To Create Learn To Lift

I was a chubby little kid. And I paid the price for it.

Teased by kids and parents alike, I suffered from low self-esteem to be sure.

Then puberty kicked in, and so did my desire to attract the attention of the opposite sex. The self-conscious feelings I had only got worse.

At 15, I learned to lift weights, hoping to improve both my self-confidence and my chances with Chrissie Palmerson.

I joined a gym and went to work. Not knowing anything, I looked to the biggest guys in the gym to see what they were doing. They all did bench presses and arm curls, so I did bench presses and arm curls.

And I started devouring every word written in the popular muscle magazines.

Freaks Of Nature And False Hopes

I wanted desperately to be big ... RIPPED ... HUUUUGE!

What I didn't realize is just how unrealistic the men in these magazines were. I was too naive to know that what these magazines were selling was pure fantasy.

Never mind the drugs involved to get that big. These guys were genetic freaks of nature. Their volume of training … their style of training … was completely wrong for a beginner to weight training.

Ignorance Comes With A High Cost

When you’re young, your body bounces back quickly. So despite stupid training habits, I saw results. My chest and arms grew. And so did my confidence.

Looking back now, I can tell you I paid a price for all that youthful ignorance. The price came in the form of sore shoulders, temperamental knees and poor flexibility.

I don’t want that to be your child.

And that’s why That’s why I became a personal fitness coach, and for ten years, helped people of all ages and abilities learn to lift weights. I wanted to help them avoid the mistakes I made early on. Mistakes that would continue to haunt me.

And that's why I, along with my good friend Dave Smith, have created our program - Learn To Lift.

Meet The Teacher Of Learn To Lift

Dave Smith teaches your teen how to lift weights

I’d like to take this time to introduce you to Dave Smith. He’s the one you’ll be seeing on the videos, demonstrating the exercises.

Dave was named the CanFit Pro personal trainer of the year in 2013.

CanFit Pro is Canada’s largest and most respected personal training organization.Through his company, Make Your Body Work, he’s also helped hundreds of people get fitter, stronger and healthier with his 10-in-4 program and through dozens of published fitness articles.

Dave’s been featured on national television and hosts his own Make Your Body Work podcast.

Questions You May Be Asking Yourself About Learn To Lift

What if you're not strong enough to do these exercises?

Do I need to buy expensive equipment?

What if I decide that Learn To Lift isn't right for me or my child? Do you offer refunds?

The Cost Of Learning To Lift Weights

When you want to learn how to lift weights you have several choices:


The wrong ... very wrong way to lift weights
  • You have no idea who taught them.
  • Pass their bad habits on to you.
  • You follow workouts that are completely wrong for a beginner.


YouTube for lifting weights
  • Lot's and lot's of crap to sift through.
  • Like piecing together a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle without a picture to work from.
  • Even if they're good videos, they don't do a good job of breaking down the movements.

3. Pay A Shirtless Personal Trainer. (Sorry Dave ... couldn't resist 🙂

YouTube for lifting weights
  • Expensive - $60 per session or more. Can cost thousands to learn to lift weights properly.
  • Have to hire trainer again if you need a refresher.
  • Have to drive to and from their studio or gym.

Nothing beats one-on-one instruction if you can afford it. But if you can’t afford to spend thousands on a personal trainer, you can...

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